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Away Greeting


“Thank you for calling ABC Company… for sales, press 1…” An auto-receptionist is the first thing callers hear when they ring your Grasshopper number. An auto-receptionist allows you to welcome callers and direct them to departments, branches and information without answering the phone. Auto-receptionists are also known as main greetings. The auto-receptionist at Grasshopper is called the Custom Main Greeting.

Common ways to use Auto-Receptionists:

  • Automatically answer calls professionally
  • Direct callers quickly and easily to people or departments
  • Address common caller issues immediately
  • Show a professional appearance even if your business is small
  • Provide information automatically so you don’t have to
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I am now a huge fan of Grasshopper… truly saved the day (and my sanity). Carolyn Appleton Carolyn AppletonCarolyn M. Appleton, Inc.