Grasshopper is leaving the UK

We embarked on a journey to provide small businesses with a professional phone system. As of January 2018, we will no longer be accepting any new signups.

We will help our current customers port their numbers over to another carrier before we officially shut down the service on 30 April 2018.

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Vonage vs Grasshopper

VoIP vs Virtual Phone System Comparison

What is VoIP?

VoIP (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol) is hardware and software that allows people to use the internet to make telephone calls. Users can make phone calls this way because their voice data is sent using internet protocol, rather than using a traditional telephone network.

The big advantage to VoIP is that you cut down on phone call costs tremendously, as all you are paying for is your existing internet service. Even international VoIP calls won’t cost you more than local calls as it’s all done via the internet.

What is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system (like Grasshopper’s) also uses what you already have, except in this case, it’s your existing phone line, whether that’s your mobile, landline or BOTH. A virtual phone system re-routes your incoming calls to another line of your choosing.

For instance, you can program calls made to your office to be automatically forwarded to your mobile, so you don’t miss a beat. You also have the option to keep your existing phone number or purchase a new, more professional looking number so you can differentiate between incoming work and personal calls.

What are some key differences between Vonage and Grasshopper?


Grasshopper is a virtual phone system provider and Vonage is a cloud-based VoIP phone service provider. Vonage works with your internet or mobile broadband connection to make calls from mobiles, tablets or desktop phones. As a result, to use Vonage, you might need to have a Vonage box and package that will turn your voice into digital packets.

Grasshopper works with your existing phone service provider to allow you to make or receive calls on desktop phones, tablets and mobile devices, so no additional hardware is necessary.

Multiple Extensions & Numbers

Grasshopper offers 100 extensions with every plan; a great option for new businesses planning to grow. As a result, each employee has access to their own extension, voicemail and transcription services. In addition, the Grasshopper Grow and Max plans include multiple phone numbers.

Vonage’s Standard plan doesn’t offer any additional numbers or extensions. The Business 1000 and Business Unlimited plans only offer 10 extensions and or additional phone numbers.

What are some similarities between Vonage and Grasshopper?

How much does it cost?

Vonage and Grasshopper plans and pricing are structured differently. For this reason, it’s difficult to compare the two side by side. For instance, Grasshopper’s plans are structured around minute use. Where you call and from what device doesn’t affect cost at all, making it easy to keep track of your costs. In addition, each Grasshopper plan offers 100 extensions in addition to a large feature package.

Vonage plans are a little more complicated. The device you make and receive calls from influence pricing, in addition to where you call. It’s also important to keep track of additional costs such as VAT and feature offerings, which aren’t the same for each plan.

£10 /month £20/month £30/month £150/month
0 minutes (pay as you go) 1,000 minutes 2,000 minutes 10,000 minutes
100 extensions 100 extensions 100 extensions 100 extensions
Vonage UK
Standard Business 1000 Business Unlimited
£12/month £15/month £17/month
£14.40/month in VAT £18/month inc VAT £20.40/month inc VAT
1,000 minutes to UK landlines & mobiles 1,000 minutes to UK landlines & mobiles Unlimited minutes to UK landlines & mobiles
International Option available for £3.33 + VAT/month
N/A 10 extensions 10 extensions

Choosing the best option for you

Both Grasshopper and Vonage offer a great phone system solution for your business. When it comes to choosing the best option for your business, think about the type of phone calls you’ll be making and receiving.

If you anticipate making and receiving a lot of phone calls internationally, across all device types, Grasshopper is probably the safest bet for your budget. However, if you don’t anticipate high call volume and are a local business, Vonage definitely offers more cost savings.