Grasshopper is leaving the UK

We embarked on a journey to provide small businesses with a professional phone system. As of January 2018, we will no longer be accepting any new signups.

We will help our current customers port their numbers over to another carrier before we officially shut down the service on 30 April 2018.

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Virtual Landline vs Grasshopper

Virtual Landline Comparisons

What is Virtual Landline?

Virtual Landline is a cloud-based UK telephone number. You decide where to answer incoming calls, either on your mobile, landline or the Virtual Landline app. Users can call UK landlines, UK mobile devices and over 50 oversea locations. Virtual Landline's offerings include a Standard plan and UK Unlimited Plan:

What are some key differences and similarities between Virtual Landline and Grasshopper?

Technology: Neither Virtual Landline and Grasshopper require hardware installation. Both providers also include the free app at the most basic plan.

Call Plans: Virtual Landline does not offer a customized plan for business use. Grasshopper offers many variations dependent on business size and needs.

Features and Minutes: Virtual Landline's minute plan structures are limited, offering only two options of 200 minutes or unlimited minutes per month. Grasshopper offers more flexibility with four call plans.

Why should I choose Grasshopper over Virtual Landline?

A mobile focus: Both Grasshopper and Virtual Landline offer free mobile apps, however, Virtual Landline's app only works over Wi-Fi. If you're not connected to Wi-Fi, missed calls will be directed to your voicemail. Not ideal when it comes to important business calls.

Multiple Numbers: Virtual Landline gives you the option to choose a UK phone number or keep your BT landline number. The Grasshopper Grow and Max plans include multiple numbers. Grasshopper also offers one hundred extensions across all lines, while Virtual Landline doesn't offer any.

Customer Service: Grasshopper customers are encouraged to call the support line which is available 24/7. Virtual Landline encourages customers to visit their FAQ pages or create a service ticket.

Great features: Virtual Landline offers basic features including voicemail to email and call diversion. Grasshopper offers an array of features, perfect for startups or small businesses.

How much does it cost?

Virtual Landline and Grasshopper vary when it comes to costs, plan structures and features. Virtual Landline is low-priced; however, Grasshopper offers more features and minutes for your money. Before making a decision, make sure you’ve assessed what aspects of a phone system are most important to your business.

£10 /month £20/month £30/month £150/month
0 minutes (pay as you go) 1,000 minutes 2,000 minutes 10,000 minutes
Virtual Landline
Standard Plan UK Unlimited Plan
£6.95 /month £7.95/month
200 minutes Unlimited

Choosing the best option for you

Virtual Landline is a great option for personal use. The service offers you a simple solution for making calls locally and internationally with minimum commitment. However, if you're looking for a business solution, Grasshopper is the better choice. With Grasshopper, you get the phone number, 100 available extensions, advanced call features, and faxes delivered straight to your email.