Turn Your Smartphone into a Business Line

The Grasshopper Android app makes running your business easier

Make Calls Showing Your Grasshopper Caller ID

Keep your mobile phone number private and appear as if you're always in the office. Call customers and clients from your Android phone but show your Grasshopper caller ID. If you have multiple Grasshopper phone numbers, you can choose which ones customers see.

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“This takes an already great service to a new level. Thank you!” Aaron in Virginia

Listen to Voicemails
& View Faxes

Get all your voicemails and faxes in one place. Listen to voicemails, view and sign faxes, and return calls easily. If you have our Read Your Voicemail feature, the voicemail's transcription is just a tap away.

Read your voicemails

The Read Your Voicemail feature (available for an additional charge) turns voicemails into text, allowing you to easily skim through voicemail transcriptions to see which ones need attention.

“A wonderful new tool from an already amazing company!” Time to Teach

Manage Call Forwarding from your smartphone

Direct your calls to certain phone numbers. You can make changes on the fly to redirect calls to a colleague, landline, or other mobile phone.

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“Building my business from a virtual office just got easier!” Tre in Pearland