Tamar Telecommunications vs Grasshopper

Virtual Landline Comparisons

What is Tamar Telecommunications?

Tamar Telecommunications is a virtual phone number provider. Customers have four phone number types to choose from and a variety of monthly minute packages. The online management control panel allows customers to change their settings at any time, in addition to pulling call data.

The most popular offerings include:

  • Geographic Numbers offer a number that is specific to a town or city location in the UK. The option also offers a choice of 2,500 minutes per month or unlimited minutes per month.
  • 03 UK Wide Numbers is great for businesses that want to appeal to customers across the UK, and not a designated location. The caller is charged the same price as calling a local landline number, which is free if the caller has inclusive landline minutes.
  • 0800 Numbers is a great choice for customer service and sales teams. This plan also includes free online access and advanced services.

What are some key differences and similarities between Tamar Telecommunications and Grasshopper?

Features: Both Tamar Telecommunications and Grasshopper offer a variety of features, including custom main greeting, fax to email, call whisper, voice studio, and call screening.

Technology: Neither Tamar Telecommunications and Grasshopper require hardware installation. Both providers also offer online management tools so you can edit your plan settings wherever you are. Grasshopper also offers a free app with all plans.

Call Plans: Grasshopper and Tamar Telecommunication call plans are structured by minutes. The only additional cost comes after going over your minutes. Call rates may then vary depending on device.

Why should I choose Grasshopper over Tamar Telecommunications?

Multiple Numbers: Grasshopper offers one phone number with 100 extensions. The Grasshopper Grow and Max plans includes additional number options. Every plan also includes custom main greeting where you can direct callers to the appropriate extension.

Tamar Telecommunications also offers the option to add more numbers. Virtual switchboard, the ability to forward calls to the relevant department or person, is an additional monthly cost.

Advanced Features: Tamar Telecommunications offers call whisper and virtual switchboard as advanced features. These features are included in all Grasshopper plans.

A mobile focus: Grasshopper offers a free smartphone app with all plans. Customers also have the ability to make changes to their settings online, using their desktop computers or laptops. Having the ability to edit your settings wherever you are is helpful in running your business.

How much does it cost?

Tamar Telecommunication plans vary by the type of number and in some cases, the number of included minutes. Additionally, available numbers are identified as either “bronze,” “silver,” “gold,” or “platinum.” Bronze numbers don't have a setup charge, while charges for silver, gold, and platinum range from £50 to £1700.

Costs also differ by the device the call is being routed to. For this reason, it's difficult to determine how much the service will cost you per month. Grasshopper's plans are simply dependent on minutes, not device.

Pay As You Grow RAMP GROW MAX Included features Advanced features
£10 /month £20/month £30/month £150/month Custom main greeting, smartphone apps, unlimited extensions, music on hold, call forward, call screening and voicemail and fax to email.

Unlimited voice studio

0 minutes (pay as you go)

1,000 minutes

2,000 minutes

10,000 minutes

Tamar Telecommunications
Geographic Numbers 03 UK Wide Numbers 0800 Freephone Numbers Included features: Advanced features:
2500 minutes £4.99/month Unlimited minutes £14.99/month 500 minutes ~£4.99/month Advanced call statistics, welcome announcement, time diverts, hunt groups, holiday settings, voicemail, fax to email, blacklist, missed call alerts and anonymous call rejection. Call whisper, virtual switchboard and professional voiceovers
Unlimited minutes £9.99/month 1000 minutes ~£9.99/month
2000 minutes ~£19.99/month

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