8x8 vs Grasshopper

Virtual Phone System Comparison

If you’re searching for a way to cut the costs of your telephone bills, you’re probably considering either a virtual phone system solution like Grasshopper or a VoIP solution like 8x8. Although similar, in technology, cost, features and flexibility vary. As a result, it’s important to consider what each solution offers.

VoIP vs Virtual Phone

VoIP (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol) is hardware and software that allows people to use the internet to make telephone calls. Users can make phone calls this way because their voice data is sent using internet protocol, rather than using a traditional telephone network.

A virtual phone system also uses what you already have, except in this case, it’s your existing phone line (landline or mobile). A virtual phone system re-routes your incoming calls to another line of your choosing. You also have the option to keep your existing phone number or purchase a new, business number so you can differentiate between incoming work and personal calls.

What are some key differences between 8x8 and Grasshopper?

  • Offerings: Grasshopper offers a virtual phone system solution which includes a phone number, minutes package, 100 extensions and advanced call features. Although 8x8 does offer cloud-based VoIP capabilities, it’s heavily tied into their larger selling point, 8x8 Virtual Office.

  • Multiple Extensions: Grasshopper offers 100 extensions with every plan; a great option for new businesses planning to grow. Each employee has access to their own extension, voicemail and transcription services. 8x8 is less clear on how many extensions and numbers they offer, and for what price.

  • Integrations: Grasshopper integrates seamlessly with Google Voice and Skype. 8x8 also offers a number of integrations including NetSuite, Outlook and Skype, however, a few integrations are only available with the Virtual Office plan.

What are some similarities between 8x8 and Grasshopper?

  • Mobile & Landline Pricing: Both Grasshopper and 8x8 treat mobile and landline phone calls as equals, structuring the call plans only on the minutes used and not the device. This makes it much easier for business owners to choose which plan is right for them, as they don’t have to worry about how many calls they might get on a mobile device or a landline.

  • Customer Service: Grasshopper and 8x8 offer quality customer service options including 24/7 support lines, email options and a support resources center. 8x8 also offers a live chat feature.

  • Features: Grasshopper and 8x8 both offer a robust features package. Basic features include extension dialing, music on hold, iPhone and Android apps, and Voicemail & Fax to email. Advanced features include a voice studio, virtual attendant and more!

How much does it cost?

Grasshopper’s plans are structured around minute use, giving you the freedom to upgrade as your business grows. Each plan includes the same great features, and as you grow, you can add more numbers and extensions.

To get an idea of how much 8x8 will cost you, you’ll need to request a quote from their website. They also encourage you to speak with an agent so you can get a personalized estimate for the features you want.

For example, a small business owner with 3 employees could pay £74.97 a month for the Virtual Office Professional plan. However, a small business owner with 10 employees is estimated to pay significantly more for the same plan: £4,210 a month.

£10 /month £20/month £30/month £150/month
0 minutes (pay as you go) 1,000 minutes 2,000 minutes 10,000 minutes
100 extensions 100 extensions 100 extensions 100 extensions
Virtual Office Basic Metered Virtual Office UK Virtual Office Professional Virtual Office Premium
Standard calling rates applied per minute 1,000 minutes to UK landlines & mobiles Unlimited calls to both UK landline and mobiles Unlimited calls to both UK landline and mobiles, along with international calling to over 40 popular locations.

Choosing the best option for you

It’s very important that as you compare the two providers, you take into consideration what you need versus what you would like to have. You should also keep in mind the amount of employees you’ll have and call volume you expect.

If you’re looking for a simplistic phone solution, Grasshopper is the best option. You get all the call features you need and have total control over where you receive your phone calls – at an inexpensive price. However, if you’re looking for a virtual office you can take on the go, 8x8 does a great job of integrating your calling needs with other popular business tools such as Outlook, Netsuite, Salesforce and more.

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